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please email the library at    Thank you!!)

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Donations may be made by clicking on the “Donate” tab and choosing type and amount of gift/memorial.  Donations are accepted for material Gifts and Memorials, Technology Fund, Summer Reading Program sponsorship and the Endowment Fund.

Friends of the Library memberships may be made by clicking on the “Friends” tab, “Join the Friends”,
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Item:  Non-Resident Library Card, (
40.00 per year):

Item: Digital HARSTAN Yearbook, to be picked up, ($25.00 per yearbook):

Item:  Digital HARSTAN Yearbook plus SHIPPING, to be mailed, ($29.00 – [$25.00 + $4.00 shipping per yearbook]):

Item:  Meeting Room Rental, General, (50.00 per day):

Item:  Meeting Room Rental, Not-for-Profits, (25.00 per day):

Item:  Meeting Room Deposit for Key/Cleaning, All Meetings, (25.00 per day):
(This fee is refunded if room is left in good order and key is returned.)