Welcome to the
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Welcome from
Donna L. Corry, Library Director

     Welcome to the Flora Public Library website!  I would like to invite you to visit the website often for current information on library services and events.  One new feature provides access to PayPal through different areas of the website.  There is a common shopping carts, so payments of different types will be combined into one cart for easy payment.  Patrons can make donations for gifts and memorials, donations to the Endowment Fund, Summer Reading Program, and Technology Fund.  Non-Resident library card fees, fines, fees, Friends memberships and purchases of sales items may also be paid.  Click on the “Add to Cart” button by each payment or donation.  When finished, click on PayPal button to complete the transaction.  Though we have most of the basic library information available, staff will continue to add new features and updates as the website evolves.

     If you haven’t been to the library lately, please stop by soon!  Four full-time and 1 part-time staff members are available to serve your recreational and informational needs!

    The Flora Public Library is located in Library Park at 216 North Main Street.  The 9,285 square foot facility was completed in 1992 and dedicated in March 1993.  This spacious, modern building replaced the Flora Carnegie Library building, a two-story yellow brick, which stood in Library Park from 1903 until 1990.

     In January 1990, the Carnegie building was deemed structurally unsafe and closed to the public.  After a two-year building campaign, along with the generosity and assistance of a supportive community, the new red brick structure was completed.

     Inside, open cathedral ceilings and spacious surroundings create an atmosphere conducive to reading, relaxation and reflection.  Three reading areas and a centralized lounge area provide comfortable seating.  Study tables, accommodating 4 or 6 are located throughout the main area.  In addition to browsing material for their age level, Puzzle and Picture Book Table  and Sassie, the Carousel Horse. A display of antiques and Abraham Lincoln memorabilia provide attractive displays in the front lobby.

     The Community Room has capacity for up to 60 people and may be rented for training, informational or other meetings.  Today the library has an annual circulation of over 35,000 items with annual library visits totaling over 39,000 (Statistics from FY2016-2017 Annual Report.)  Now is a great time to visit!!  We hope to see you soon!

Donna L. Corry
Library Director



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