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Why do I need a Library Card?

Library cards are one of the most versatile tools a person can own. It will allow the cardholder to access a myriad of services to help in their everyday life as well as to broaden and enrich their educational and recreational needs.

Library Card

Who can get a card?

Resident Card Anyone living inside the city limits of Flora is eligible to get a free library card. Their card is not really “free” because they have already paid for the privilege of using the library through a special property tax that is levied only to Flora citizens. People who rent are assumed to pay property tax through the rent they pay. To get your free resident card you will need to present a current form of identification giving your name and current address and fill out a registration card. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license or state identification, a current piece of postmarked mail, a checkbook, rental agreement, or receipt. Persons under the age of 18 will need a parent or legal guardian to sign for their library card. The person signing accepts responsibility for all use of the card. Resident cards are valid for 2 years.

Non-Resident Card Persons who reside beyond the city limits of Flora, but not within the boundaries of another public library may purchase a non-resident library card. A formula, which is mandated by the state of Illinois, is used to figure the non-resident card fee. Currently, the fee is $40 for a 1-year card. This fee allows everyone in the household to get a card with full borrowing privileges. Given the cost of books, DVDs and music CDs, $40 doesn’t seem so expensive. Patrons may pay for non-resident cards online but should visit the library to fill out an application or update the expiration date on their card. Call 618-662-6553 for further assistance.

Non-Resident Property Owner Card People who do not live inside the city limits of Flora; but own/lease property there, are eligible for a non-resident property owner card. Proof of ownership or leasing of the property must be presented to get this type of card. Most people use their property tax statement or rental agreement. This card is valid for 1 year and anyone in the immediate household can get a card. If the owned or leased property has multiple owners the privilege is extended to all owners. Full borrowing privileges are accorded this card.

You don’t have to have a library card to come in and use the library for research or homework. A library card is needed only to take materials out of the library or order materials on interlibrary loan.

Institutional Card Any business or institution that is located inside the city limits of Flora is eligible to get a free library card. The business owner or head administrator must provide the library with a letter requesting the card and authorizing 1 person in the organization as the sole user of the library card. This card is valid for 1 year and carries full borrowing privileges. The library cannot issue non-resident institutional cards.

Student Card Currently the Flora Public Library has intergovernmental agreements with the Flora CUSD #35 and Louisville NCCUSD #25 to provide their students who live outside the city limits of Flora to get a free library card. These cards have limited use and expire on June 30 each year. Student cards can only be used by the child named on the card. Learn more here.

Disabled Veterans Card Veterans living outside the city limits of Flora, who have a service-connected disability of at least 70%, and who are exempt from paying property taxes on their primary residence in compliance with the Disabled Veterans’ Standard Homestead Exemption [35 ILCS 200/15-169] do not have to pay for a non-resident library card. This privilege extends to the unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who qualified for the program before the veteran’s death. This does not apply if the veteran’s spouse was killed in the line of duty. Qualifying veterans or surviving spouses must present documentation from the county of residence to show they are exempt from paying property tax.

Cards For Kids Program Students registered at a public or private school that serves grades K-12 (either in part or in full) and reside in an unincorporated area in Illinois and fall at or below the US Department of Agriculture’s Income Eligibility Guidelines may request a non-resident card at no charge. The student must provide proof of eligibility. This card is only valid for the student and not for the household. If the student is under 16, a parent or guardian must be present to show proof of address of the child and will also be held responsible for materials borrowed by the child. This policy is in accordance with the Illinois Local Library’s Act section 75 ILCS 16/30-55.60.

If you have questions about library cards or library services please contact the library during regular hours at (618) 662-6553 or email us.

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