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Library to Sell Digital Copies of HARSTAN Yearbooks

HARSTAN Yearbooks

Flora Public Library is announcing a fundraiser for the library’s technology fund. FPL recently had its HARSTAN collection digitized in order to preserve it.

Digital copies of HARSTAN yearbooks for Flora High School, for the years 1920-1977 will be made available for sale to the public. The years 1978-2001 may be released at a later date. Editions from the last 15 years will not be made available for sale to the public. This is in compliance with the agreement made with Flora High School prohibiting sales of the last 15 years of HARSTANS.

Each copy of the HARSTAN requested for purchase will be saved onto an individual flash drive provided by the library. Multiple copies of the same year will be saved on individual flash drives as well. One copy, regardless of date, equals one flash drive. Digital editions from 1920-1977 will be available for purchase for $25.00 per copy, both for the same year and different years. Any defective flash drive will be replaced upon return of the original to the library within 30 days of purchase. For computer security reasons, copies will not be saved to personal devices.

HARSTANS will be ordered by filling out an order form and returning it to the library. Order forms must accompany all orders. Order forms may be obtained in person at the library, downloaded from the library website at or requested by email at Anyone paying with PayPal will use the PayPal form on the library website. A postage fee of $4.00 will be charged per flash drive if an order is mailed.

Patrons needing HARSTANS for the years 1978-current may use the print editions that are part of the library’s Local History Collection. Patrons may contact Lisa Hemrich, Yearbook Coordinator at Flora High School, at 618-662-8316, about purchasing print copies of the HARSTAN yearbooks that are still available for the last fifteen years.

Proceeds from digital HARSTAN sales go to Flora Public Library’s Technology Fund. Digital HARSTANS would make great birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gifts!!!